Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is situated in the fertile Beit Shean Valley close to the Sea of Galilee. It is home to approximately 150 families totaling 800 members and combines an Orthodox Jewish way of life with the principles of kibbutz life and a devotion to the land and people of Israel.
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu’s economy is based mainly on agriculture. We are the pioneers of organic agriculture in Israel. We grow all seven varieties of plants that the land of Israel was blessed with in the Bible. The kibbutz produces dates, grapes, spices and field crops, as well as raising dairy cattle and poultry. We use organic farming methods and non-pesticide management. SDA Spice was built to process the spices that are grown in the kibbutz.

Values We Live By
We are committed to building and maintaining a work environment where effective leadership and excellence are respected and valued.
Our values are our guiding principles

Passion & Enthusiasm exist in every part of our business.
Quality – we never compromise on quality, striving constantly to enhance the quality of our products and our production processes.
Integrity – we believe in doing business with integrity, mutual trust and respect.
Innovation – we aim for innovative products and processes, always looking for uniqueness which will provide added value to our customers.
Customer Satisfaction – we invest in developing long term relationships with our customers, always staying attuned to their needs.