SDA Spice's excellent processes are based on more than 20 years' experience. Since 1987 we have been developing advanced processes, machinery and technology in order to deliver the finest herbs and spices to customers around the globe from the warm, dry climate of the Mediterranean.
SDA Spice's added value derives from our Seed-to-Ship control throughout the entire production process, from preparing the land and sowing the seeds up to the finished product. This enables us a synchronized supply chain which contributes significantly to the quality of our products. Our strict quality control, modern agricultural methods and state-of-the-art technology guarantee that the finest product will meet and exceed our customer's expectations.
In the Field
In the field: the source of finest quality spices & herbs
We assure 100% traceability from land preparation and growing stage. Our expert agronomists supervise and control the growing process directly in the field. We use only top quality selected seeds and advanced growing methods:

Land Quality – treatment & control from land preparation, sowing up to 
  • harvesting season
  • Advanced irrigation system
  • Weekly inspection by expert agronomists
  • Choice of large, best quality fields
  • Advanced modern harvesting machinery
  • Use of organic farming methods and non-pesticide management
At the Plant
  •  preserving field freshness
  • Minimum turnaround between harvesting and SDA's processing plant
  • Superior transportation methods, free of human handling
  • Unique rinsing process, ensuring clean herbs before drying
Computerized production includes:
Air drying equipment, which enables optimal temperature control
Fully computerized and automatically packing process
Metal detectors scan 100% of our herbs before final packing
Storage and Delivery

Cold storage ensures a clean environment and preserves the product's long lasting qualities: freshness, color stability and aroma. We use cardboard boxes with inner poly-propylene bags to maintain high freshness and quality.
Internal state-of-the-art technology

Our laboratory meets international standards and is equipped with the latest analyzing technology. All our products and batches are carefully tested at all stages of production.
  • All products are physically and microbiologically tested
  • Advanced facilities enable us to perform the majority of tests in-house
  • Traceability of all products at all stages
  • 18 months archive facilitates tracking of every production batch