About Main
The desire to improve
Innovation is one of our core values. Our strategic management motivates continual investments in research and development, looking for new innovative agriculture products.

Our objective is to produce the highest quality products utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with our unique location and optimal climatic conditions. 

A dedicated nominated team, lead by the company's chief technologist, is constantly looking for initiatives in our field, joining forces with doctors and experts, to ensure best results in every action we take.

We respond to the market's demand and desire for high quality and provide added value products to meet and exceed market requirements.
About Main
Our quality policy calls for the highest level of customer satisfaction, through continuous improvements, in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We constantly strengthen our competency in new methods and innovative agriculture. Our responsibility and commitment for best quality and safe products derive from the professional level of our personnel and their involvement in the product's life cycle S2S control – Seed to Ship control.

SDA Spice works by the European and US legislation and authorities, authorized for the strictest international standards: Iso 9001, Iso 22000.

All our fields run under the certification of EuropeGap.
The Organic plants and the Organic growers are certified to the European Organic Standards, The NOP standards and the Israeli Organic Standards. The certification is given by Agrior Ltd, under the accreditations of USDA, IFOAM - IOAS, and the Israeli PPIS.

All our products meet the highest international standards.
About Main
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is situated in the fertile Beit Shean Valley close to the Sea of Galilee. It is home to approximately 150 families totaling 800 members and combines an Orthodox Jewish way of life with the principles of kibbutz life and a devotion to the land and people of Israel.
Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu’s economy is based mainly on agriculture. We are the pioneers of organic agriculture in Israel. We grow all seven varieties of plants that the land of Israel was blessed with in the Bible. The kibbutz produces dates, grapes, spices and field crops, as well as raising dairy cattle and poultry. We use organic farming methods and non-pesticide management. SDA Spice was built to process the spices that are grown in the kibbutz.

Values We Live By
We are committed to building and maintaining a work environment where effective leadership and excellence are respected and valued.
Our values are our guiding principles

Passion & Enthusiasm exist in every part of our business.
Quality – we never compromise on quality, striving constantly to enhance the quality of our products and our production processes.
Integrity – we believe in doing business with integrity, mutual trust and respect.
Innovation – we aim for innovative products and processes, always looking for uniqueness which will provide added value to our customers.
Customer Satisfaction – we invest in developing long term relationships with our customers, always staying attuned to their needs.

About Main
SDA Spice's excellent processes are based on more than 20 years' experience. Since 1987 we have been developing advanced processes, machinery and technology in order to deliver the finest herbs and spices to customers around the globe from the warm, dry climate of the Mediterranean.
SDA Spice's added value derives from our Seed-to-Ship control throughout the entire production process, from preparing the land and sowing the seeds up to the finished product. This enables us a synchronized supply chain which contributes significantly to the quality of our products. Our strict quality control, modern agricultural methods and state-of-the-art technology guarantee that the finest product will meet and exceed our customer's expectations.
In the Field
In the field: the source of finest quality spices & herbs
We assure 100% traceability from land preparation and growing stage. Our expert agronomists supervise and control the growing process directly in the field. We use only top quality selected seeds and advanced growing methods:

Land Quality – treatment & control from land preparation, sowing up to 
  • harvesting season
  • Advanced irrigation system
  • Weekly inspection by expert agronomists
  • Choice of large, best quality fields
  • Advanced modern harvesting machinery
  • Use of organic farming methods and non-pesticide management
At the Plant
  •  preserving field freshness
  • Minimum turnaround between harvesting and SDA's processing plant
  • Superior transportation methods, free of human handling
  • Unique rinsing process, ensuring clean herbs before drying
Computerized production includes:
Air drying equipment, which enables optimal temperature control
Fully computerized and automatically packing process
Metal detectors scan 100% of our herbs before final packing
Storage and Delivery

Cold storage ensures a clean environment and preserves the product's long lasting qualities: freshness, color stability and aroma. We use cardboard boxes with inner poly-propylene bags to maintain high freshness and quality.
Internal state-of-the-art technology

Our laboratory meets international standards and is equipped with the latest analyzing technology. All our products and batches are carefully tested at all stages of production.
  • All products are physically and microbiologically tested
  • Advanced facilities enable us to perform the majority of tests in-house
  • Traceability of all products at all stages
  • 18 months archive facilitates tracking of every production batch
About Main
For thousands of years, the Beit Shean Valley has been known in the biblical history of the Holy Land for its fertile land and unique climate.

In 1939, a group of young idealistic men and women came to settle and build Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in the Beit Shean Valley, dedicating themselves to developing new initiatives in agriculture.
Established in 1987, S.D.A. Spice is today one of the largest agricultural companies in the Middle East, specializing in the development, production and marketing of dehydrated herbs and spices. With experience of over 20 years, SDA Spice is well known in major markets around the world.
Our company and fields are located in the Beit Shean Valley in Israel. This location takes advantage of the unique climatic microcosm created by the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the Sea of Galilee in the east. Hot climate and fertile soil make the Beit Shean Valley ideal for cultivating herbs and spices, contributing perfectly to almost year round harvesting of crops.

The company’s involvement in the growing cycle up to the finished product ensures top quality products. Our advanced technology helps maintain the unique freshness, flavor and aroma, resulting in highest quality of herbs and spices.
As the pioneer of organic agriculture in Israel, SDA Spice has been supplying a line of organic products since the company was established. Our innovative spirit and expertise constantly inspire us to look for new initiatives and new products. The latest new lines of products we introduced are: tomato raisins and essential oils.
SDA Spice’s strict and comprehensive quality policy calls for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Through continuous development and innovative technology; we meet and often exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Uniqueness
S2S – Seed to Ship Control
From sowing to delivery, SDA Spice's expertise and state-of-the-art technologies ensure strict control, 100% traceability and uncompromising quality.
SDA Spice Takes Responsibility for End to End Process

We ensure overall control from raw materials up to the finished product. This includes soil preparation, sowing, field treatments, and harvest timing using advanced methods for keeping field freshness for the production of top quality dehydrated herbs .