Organic Parsley

Parsley, a biennial herb (the plant takes two years to complete lifecycle) is known for its sweet and light taste. Organic parsley can be used as a flavoring for dishes or even as a garnish. This bright green, light weight plant is known for its use as a spice.

Our Organic parsley is: flat f. The flat leaf form is used in flavoring foods. Similar to coriander, but with a mild taste, the leaf is used when cooking.

Ways to use organic parsley: chopped fresh and used in potato salads, mashed potatoes or oven cooked potatoes, soups, and tomato sauces.

SDA Spice once again provides you with this organically grown product, ensuring that it gives you the very best tasting and healthful herb in the nation. Organic parsley is high in Vitamin K, C, and A and also iron.

Fun Fact: Crushed and rubbed on skin, organic parsley has been said to provide relief from those itchy mosquito bites. Since SDA produces organically grown parsley, you can rest assured that if used this way, no harmful toxins will even come close to your skin!.

Organic Parsley