Most commonly associated with pickles, dill and all of its parts are useful in many ways. The dill plants are fairly large, ranging from 40 to 60 cm in height. The plant, grown best in cool weather (fall or winter) has whitish yellow flowers that are home to its very flavorful seeds. It’s leafs, which grow alternatively on its slender stem, is the source for dill weed.
Originating in Eastern Europe, dill has been said to grow best in rich and well drained soil. SDA Spice, plentiful in fresh soil, produces the best growing and tasting dill. This herb is most useful in flavoring food, as the many parts add extra flavor to a variety of different foods.

Dill, part of the Apiaceae family, is similar to that of fennel in physical appearance (it’s leafs) and similar tasting to caraway. The tangy, almost grass like taste is most commonly seen in flavoring pickles but can also be used in numerous other ways. However, dill loses flavor fast but if frozen, it will preserve the flavor much longer. Still, dill is best used when fresh but dried dill weed can also be beneficial (and preserve the taste) if added to a hot dish.

Other foods used with dill: Salmon, soups, pickles, salads (potato)
Like most herbs, dill can also be helpful in natural remedies for a number of health conditions. It has been said that dill can be used a stomach soother, and also remedy gas. Interesting enough, dill has also been shown as a treatment option for colic, a condition where babies do not stop crying.

SDA Spice aims for producing the best dill, and since we have the richest soil, we provide you with the best dill to flavor foods and even cure some irking medical conditions with a natural option.

Trade Varieties: Dill-Tips (18/50)
Seasonality: October - April
Availability: Conventional, Organic.