Coriander Seeds

Coriander, native to the Middle East and southern Europe, is most commonly used in cooking but it has also shown to have some key health benefits. Unlike other herbs, the entire plant of coriander can be used. In cooking, however, the leaves and seeds are most commonly used. Coriander contains a few parts. The seeds of coriander contain the spice aspect of the plant, which is most commonly used in everyday cooking. These seeds are used in curry powder. The leaves, used fresh, can also be incorporated into everyday cooking and show similar uses of parsley. The leaves can be used in salads, as well.

Common dishes prepared with coriander seeds: stews and soups, meats, baked goods, chili. As we know, many herbs contain ingredients that are helpful to the body. Well, coriander does just that. Contained in this plant are antioxidants which are helping to fighting infections.

Although antioxidants are found in both the seeds and the leaves, the leaves have proven to carry a stronger amount of these antioxidants. Coriander becomes useful in this task because it is an all natural method of fighting those seasonal colds.

Physically, the plant can reach to approximately 2ft. the stems are a bright green color with flowers that can be pale pink, blue or white. Coriander thrives in warm and dry conditions so it is usually planted in summer.

Trade Varieties: whole coriander seeds
Seasonality: April -June
Availability: Conventional

Coriander Seeds