Coming from the mint family, Lamiaceae , oregano is a perennial spice and also a herb. Used fresh or dried, this plant can grow to be between 20 and 80 cm tall. Oregano thrives in warm climates and is home to spiky purple flowers that arise from opposite style leaves.


Oregano is most widely known for its use in cooking. Having a warm and almost bitter taste, we most commonly see oregano used in pizza sauces. The leaves of this plant are geared more towards cooking (for seasoning) and oregano dried is more flavorful as opposed to serving it fresh.


Interesting fact: Combined with basil we get most of our Italian style seasoning methods! These two herbs work great together.


Although oregano is most commonly seen in Italian dishes such as pizza, sauces and pasta it also has other functions and important uses as well. Oregano has been said to work as an antiseptic which is another way of fighting infection. Also, like most other herbs, oregano may work as an antioxidant. On the other hand, oregano works as a cure for stomach indigestion, lung conditions and still widely known for its help fighting sore throats.


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