Cilantro is a member of the Apiaceae family, is an annual herb that is native to Southern Europe and North Africa. This herb is soft and can grow to approximately 20 inches. The cilantro herb is technically the leaves of the coriander plant, and these leaves can differ in shape but are broader and larger at the bottom and grow slender as it reaches the top.


With its growing popularity, cilantro herbs are readily available in the supermarket and are sold fresh. When bought, these leaves should be cleaned and will keep for up to one week. There are many ways to serve cilantro whether that is cooked, minced or puréed the cilantro leaves add garnish to a dish or even flavor.


Common uses for cilantro: salsas, as a garnish for dishes, salad dressing. The Cilantro's aromatic lemon-like slightly sweet flavor, lends itself to use in Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Far Eastern cuisines. The herb adds a unique flavor to cream soups and stews, salads and pastas, herb blends and seasoning mixes, snack food and coatings.


Interesting fact: Cilantro is known to be an appetite suppressant, meaning that the leaves will make you feel not as hungry!


Trade Varieties: Large Flakes (1-8), Medium Granules (10/30), Fine (30/50), Powder (50 mesh)


Seasonality: October - June


Availability: Conventional, Organic




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