Za'atar Mix

We all love the feeling of being refreshed, revived and rejuvenated, especially in the mornings. For a natural fix to feeling drowsy and tired, zaatar mix can do just that. zaatar is a mixture of plentiful herbs such as, wild thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac. This mixture provides a seasoning that is used in many different ways, for a number of different things.


Traditionally used in Middle Eastern countries, zaatar mix was encouraged because of its ability to keep the body strong and the mind aware and alert. The seasoning was most commonly recommended for breakfast and a wide variety of healthy recipes.


Uses of zaatar mix in seasoning food:

  1. Yogurt – many countries season yogurt with zatar as a breakfast treat. As mentioned above having this seasoning in the morning has been shown to keep the body energized
  2. As an afternoon snack or side dish, zaatar is a healthy salad dressing. Mixed with olive oil and sprinkled on some fresh greens, zaatar is a healthy way to add extra flavor to any salad.
  3. zaatar has also been used to sprinkle on vegetables, chicken and other meats to add extra flavor
  4. Mixed with olive oil, this could be a great spread for any bread

While there are a number of recipes involving zatar, there are also a number of ways zaatar can be used in the health field. zaatar tea, boiled and mixed with honey can help sooth a sore throat and suppress coughing.



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