A preeminent herb in the same family as wormwood, tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) has been a respected addition to cuisine for centuries. Our tarragon possesses a delicate anise flavor and aromatic quality, and has become one of the finest and most important ingredients in French cuisine around the world.


While the French variety is not the only tarragon available, it is generally considered superior for culinary uses (the other variety being Russian tarragon). As one of the “fines herbes” along with parsley, chives, and chervil, our French tarragon is highly sought for chicken, lasagna, fish, and egg recipes and is a primary ingredient in Béarnaise sauce.


Our expertise, combined with the unmatched fertile growing fields of Israel, ensure our tarragon is of the most elite, top-tier French quality, maintaining the fineness and texture demanded by leading restaurants.


Common Usages of Tarragon: Tarragon has an aromatic flavor reminiscent of anise. Tarragon is particularly suitable for chicken, lamb and egg dishes. It is one of the main components of Béarnaise sauce. Fresh, lightly dehydrated tarragon may be steeped in vinegar and tartar sauces to impact their flavor.


Trade Varieties: Large Flakes (1-8), Powder


Seasonality: April – October


Availability: Conventional



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