Sweet Paprika

Produced as a spice from highest quality ground bell peppers from SDA Spice, Paprika is widely used to both color and flavor dishes in an exotic manner. Ranging from mild to hot, the spice is best used on rice's, stews, soups, and sausages (in general Paprika is well-mixed with other spices to produce various meats).


Sweet paprika is highly sought for a variety of cuisines and food industries. The rich color and flavor in our Paprika together with the fine texture produce eye-and-taste appeal to please the most discriminating chef or consumer. Recent creative recipes have broadened the appeal of paprika, including our fine product in seasoning blends, salads, and an array of exotic meat products, spreads and dressings. Furthermore, paprika compliments a wide range of dishes in a garnish capacity.


SDA growers have acquired the finest strains attainable in order to produce a superior quality sweet paprika product and Israel, more than anywhere else in the world, has become known for the special sweetness of its paprika. The exceptional color, flavor, consistency, and vigor are unmatched and guaranteed to impress.


After being thoroughly washed, our paprika is dehydrated under highly controlled temperatures and processes with precise timing, ensuring consistency and quality. The sweet paprika we provide to the market has a unique deep color, exceptional sweetness and a special aroma.


Trade Varieties: Powder 80-140 ASTA, Kosher


Seasonality: September – December


Availability: Conventional, Organic. .




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