Parsley, Flat Parsley

The parsley we produce is among the best quality found anywhere in the world, due to our top end process and the natural climatic conditions of our Israeli agricultural fields.

Flat leaf parsley (Petroselinum neapolitanum) is one of the most commonly used herbs in cuisine ranging from the Middle East to Europe and the US. Unlike its curly cousin, flat parsley (also known as Italian parsley) is typically used directly as an herb on the food, not merely as a garnish. Flat parsley also has a stronger “peppery” bite, compared to the more subdued taste of curly parsley. Of primarily importance in determining good parsley is the proportion of its essential oil, “apiol.” Higher quality parsley will contain more of this oil, providing a stronger and more refined scent and taste.

Generally implemented as a garnish, curly leaf parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is not typically used directly to flavor dishes. In fact, when many chefs and consumers picture a garnish, it is the curly parsley they are imagining as it is very common and widely used. The taste of curly parsley is also quite subdued relative to the flat variety, underscoring its typical use purely as decoration. The best-grown curly parsley is judged primarily by its aesthetic properties – including the darkness of the leaves (darker is better) and a lack of wilting or yellowing.

There are four primary flavor compounds that comprise the parsley experience. These include a “freshness” from the compound phellandrene, “woodiness” from the compound myristicin, “warmth and sweetness” from myrcene, and the distinctive “parsley” flavor from menthatriene. All flavors are found in perfect balance in the parsley herbs we grow.


The nutritional value of parsley has become increasingly known, helping to evolve the herb from mere aesthetic and visceral functionality to functional. In today’s health-conscious world, customers are coming to appreciate parsley’s vitamins B1-B3, B5, B6, B9, C, and K along with minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. SDA Spice’s produce is grown to maximize nutritional value.


A little known fact is that, while curly parsley is typically only used for garnish, it is now increasingly found to be great when fried.


Trade Varieties: Large Flake (4-8) or (1-8), Medium Granules (10/30), Fine (30/50), Powder (-80 Mesh).


Seasonality: October-July


Availability: Conventional, Organic


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